The Embroiderers’ Guild

An educational charity with over a 100 years of knowledge, skills and experience

Who are the Embroiderers’ Guild?

The Guild welcomes everyone with an interest in any area of embroidery or textile art.

We are proud to be recognized as the voice for raising the profile of textile and stitched art

No longer just the domain of fabric and thread, textile art now embraces (amongst other things)
the world of mixed media, dyeing with rust and plants, print and videos.

We hold a historical collection, aid research, support students of all ages, and publish  “Embroidery” magazine. 

The Embroiderers' Guild exists to build awareness of stitch and textile art.

We educate, encourage, inspire, and promote the achievement of excellence.  


What We Stand For 

In all our work we aim:

*  To promote and encourage the art of embroidery and related crafts;

*  To encourage the creation of fine articles incorporating the use of, or associated with, embroidery;

*  To educate the public in the history and art of embroidery;

*  To undertake or support research in embroidery;

*  To collect, document, preserve, exhibit and interpret examples of fine embroidery, which are of historical or educational merit, and to make such articles available to the public.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall  with Maidstone and District Branch in 2015
Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall  at the unveiling of the Embroidery Representation of the poem by Robert Byron called "All These I Learnt put together by Maidstone and District Branch in January 2020

What we offer

1 Run and facilitate Creative Projects at national, regional and Branch levels to encourage inspiration, stretching of skills and techniques to all members - across 6000 members. Some examples 100 Hearts, hospital wall, Schools longest embroidery

4 Support Graduates and Scholars in the development of their skills and careers, helping them get exposure and make connections across the textile art community

2 look after and show our Guild Collection of pieces across the last 100 years - and show up the value of embroidery and textile art's relevance into the future.

5 Keep Members informed about our activities and events through regular newsletters.

3 Create and facilitate workshops, courses programmes to teach essential skills and techniques, run graduate programmes.

6 Publish Embroidery Magazine featuring the work of contemporary embroidery and textile artists