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Unlocking my Imagination

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We chat to Georgia Katsarou about her experience on the first Distance Learning Hand Embroidery Course (Foundations in Hand Stitch & Design) Can you tell us about your individual stitching style? I am still in search of my individual stitching style.  For the time being, I love to stitch whatever inspires me, either from the …

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Seeing through colour

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Jenny Shannon tells  us about her experience on the Embroiderers’ Guild Distance Learning course – Exploring Opportunities in Stitch & Design. This course was every bit as good as the first! Taking the line and shape elements first, I thoroughly enjoyed making the string and foam blocks, as well as the stencils.  I learned to …

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Free to Explore

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My stitching style usually incorporates many layers of fabric that are quite densely stitched.  I enjoy adding textile elements such as plastic net, painted fusible web and threads of different thicknesses to add depth and texture to my designs.  I often draw inspiration from the nature that surrounds me, but sometimes a piece of fabric …

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Stitch & Textiles – an Art Form unlike any other

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I think the Merriam Webster definition of “ArtForm” says it all. Artform is defined as ‘”an unconventional form or medium in which impulses regarded as artistic may be expressed “. Like traditional artists, as embroiderers, we use colour and form as a base. However an entirely new layer of design comes into play when stitches …

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Marine Magic from odds and sods

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I am an artist who specialises in mixed media, textile-based pieces with a love of strong, vibrant colour.   I take my inspiration from a variety of sources and am particularly interested in the way in which ancient societies created a series of visual symbols to represent the things which were important to them. I …