Personal Coaching and Support 

for Inspired to Create Students


Support in Community Room 

  • Available online all the time
  • Connect with all members in the Community Room – or –
  • Connect with those who are doing the same course as you
  • Ask questions and see all the responses
  • Share images of your work and creative ideas
  • All comments are overseen by an experienced stitch & design moderator

Personal Coaching 

  • Available in time packages:
    2 hours,
    4 hours,
    8 hours
  • Your hours are accumulative and recorded by yourself and your coach
  • Connect using email, online video e.g. WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype etc
  • Video or chat sessions are prebooked
  • Connect with one of of the Guild’s experienced Coaches
  • Ask questions regarding any portion of your course
  • Share images of your samples and design for feedback
  • Receive one on one feedback on your progress and design
  • Can choose to buy coaching at any time – when you start or midway.

Along with your course notes, record sheets and bonus reels you will be able to post questions and see the questions posted by other students as well as all the answers we provide. The idea is that you are part of a learners group and benefit from all the help and advice given to previous and current students.

However, you may feel that this is not enough or does not suit your style of learning. We can provide additional help from one of our qualified and experienced Embroiderers’ Guild coaches led by Artistic Director, Anthea Godfrey.

Personal Coaching support is available in three time packages – 2 hours or 4 hours or 8 hours.

This is the total time available. A record is kept by your coach of the time spent answering your questions by email or pre-booked sessions via WhatsApp or video link.

You can purchase Personal Coaching at the outset of your course or at any time as you work through your course.

  • Need to boost your confidence

    Consider having a coach – minimum package is just 2 hours with a minimum commitment

  • Want to talk to someone about your ideas

    Your coach will be happy to give you feedback and suggestions to advance your thinking.

  • Seek clarity and greater understanding as you learn new techniques

    Sometimes it is really helpful to check your understanding whilst learning

  • Enjoy talking to others who are on the same learning path as yourself

    Join your course group in the Community Room.

  • You are not alone - our team of coaches are on hand to help you every step of the way

    Our team of coaches are all active embroiderers and textile or stitch designers.

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