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Guild Wirral example of line design

Course Details

  • Course Code– HE2
  • Course Length – 60 – 70 hours
  • Course Method – Online, with lessons showing detailed colour rich images which you can return to as many times as you want, whenever you want – all online
  • Course Lesson– To help you get started, the course information, set-up sections and templates of each course are downloadable and can be printed
  • Course Materials – Online programme, checklist, template to use, videos to watch,
  • Embroidery Materials – you purchase your own embroidery materials
  • Course payable online via secure credit card.
  • Course cost – £525
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Exploring Opportunities in
Hand Stitch & Design

Discover two more elements of design: - Shape and Form.

Aimed at the practitioner with a little knowledge of embroidery, these Sessions will enable you build on and combine with previous knowledge and skills, giving you the opportunity to take your design ideas into three dimensions.

Studies also introduce translucency, opacity, space, pattern, repetition and rhythm.

  • Ready to create unique, robust and intricate designs

    Are you looking to create your own designs to reflect yourself, your ideas and your abilities?

  • Want to extend your embroidery into unique textile art?

    This is what textile artists do all the time – they have use their design process and combine it with their skills and embroidery techniques in order to explore different opportunitites.

  • Discover those core design concepts needed to give your ideas more life

    Learn which stitches and techniques may magnify and enhance your creativity and design depth.

  • Checklists, templates and reflective questions to keep exploring different angles

    These checklists and templates are designed to challenge your thinking about your design andits opportunitities.

  • You are not alone - our team of coaches are on hand to help you every step of the way

    You are able to choose which support you would prefer. Our coaching packages are available at any time during your course.

  • You are not alone - our Community Room enables you to connect and talk to other members

    As a course student you are automatically eligible to connect with other students in our Community Room.

  • Add shape and form to colour and line to take your design even further

    We introduces two more of the formal visual elements – Shape and Form –, whilst taking design ideas and responses into three dimensions.

  • Expand your Stitch Samples to enrich your design

    Explore a range of different and unusual hand embroidery-based techniques to develop your skills as you work through the Sessions

  • Uncover which tools, equipment and different materials might take your design to a completely different place

    Further develop your skills using cutting and folding, colour theory, colour association, print-making, weaving.

  • Produce your own unique piece of Textile Art

    Discover how to share your creative message in your way, using stitches, fabrics and your own abilities…and then explore even more options and ideas.


  • Tips on how to use Vario Pliers safely

    Find out about the many different uses for the Prym Vario Pliers.

  • Learn how to customize sequins by size and shape

    Discover the opportunities which exist to enhance your embroidery projects by customising purchased sequins.

  • Discover how the Silk Industry handles waste products - a 2 part series

    Understand more about various types of product from the silk industry and how you might use them.

  • Identify how to avoid the challenges in creating areas of void

    In particular as you explore different ways to create voids in your embroidery.

  • Discover how to make Silk Rod Flowers

    Learn how to make motifs from silk rods.

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