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Extending Creative Horizons  in Machine Stitch & Design


Course Details 

  • Course Code – ME3
  • Course length – 120+ hours
  • Course Method – Online, with lessons showing detailed colour rich images which you can return to as many times as you want, whenever you want – all online
  • Course Lesson– To help you get started, the course information, set-up sections and templates of each course are downloadable and can be printed
  • Course Materials – Online programme and notes, checklists, templates to use, videos to watch,
  • Embroidery Materials – you purchase your own embroidery materials.
  • Embroidery Equipment – Your sewing machine needs all the basic functions and programmable options.
  • Course payable online via secure credit card.
  • Course cost – £650
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This course is for you if you are comfortable with basic embroidery techniques but may still be unsure how to go about creating your unique designs and interpreting them into textile-based responses.

Learn how to take inspiration from the man-made world around us. Look at  ancient standing stones to mobile phones, the world around us is full of man-made objects that are now part of all walks of life.

What a great resource of inspiration.

Visually explore the theme of nature. Experiment with more media, techniques and processes to widen your knowledge and creative skills whilst building up a folder of experimentation and sampling based on personal responses to gathered inspiration.

  • Ready to create your designs AND interpret them through textile and embroidery

    Are you looking to create your own pieces to reflect your message, but would appreciate input to your thinking, your design structure and different sources of inspiration.

  • Intending to extend your machine embroidery into unique textile art?

    This is what textile artists do all the time – they have use their design process and combine it with their skills and embroidery techniques in order to explore different opportunitites.

  • Extend your own design concepts to take your creativity to even greater levels

    There are endless opportunities to extend your embroidery – however learning to choose the right combination of design, stitch and technique to reflect your message is key.

  • Extended design outcomes come through reflective questioning and thinking

    Extended design outcomes come through reflective questioning and thinking

  • You are not alone - our team of coaches are on hand to help you every step of the way

    You are able to choose which support you would prefer. Our coaching packages are available at any time during your course.

  • You are not alone - our Community Room enables you to connect and talk to other members

    As a course student you are automatically eligible to connect with other designers in our Community Room.

  • Learn to broaden the formal visual elements of colour, line, texture, shape and form whilst developing your design

    Discover how to take your new view of your idea and present it in new and completely different manner.

  • Expand your Machine Stitch Samples to enrich your design inspiration

    Textile art uses multi media to express its meaning – explore what happens when we use different media and similar techniques to stretch your design even more.

  • Discover which design concepts can be uniquely manipulated for machinery based work

    Textile design builds on the core elements whilst really seeking to extend them so as to achieve a specific purpose, meaning or emotion from within the final piece.

  • Explore a range of specialist machine stitch techniques for inspiration

    Experience how we take standard machine stitiches and turn them into extensive media to interpret your message even further.

  • Explore which tools, equipment, materials and even processes add value to your design and its production

    These elements combe together to create unique and startling effects, particularly when dealing with man made elements to reflect man made environments.

  • Produce your unique piece of textile art

    Learn how to present your textile art and pieces to really show them off.


  • Discover what happens when stitches are elongated

    Extending stitches means differing how you create them – see how to create long, looped stitches raised from the surface, using free-motion embroidery and a crochet hook

  • Or try create a form of fabric using shaving foam

    Discover how to use normal every day household items to create a totally unique piece of fabric just right for your design.

  • Heat is our favourite - explore using heat to distress

    Explore how to manipulate and distress using a heat gun and Tyvek®

  • 3D images are great with beads. What happens when we create our own beads?

    Learn how to make your own custom beads in the right shade, colour, shape and form.

  • Sometimes we may need more than beads. Discover how to make rouleau tubes.

    Designers love the flexibility and experience of working with tubes. Learn how to make rouleau tubes using a loop turner.

  • 1 year Guild Membership for non members only.

    The Embroiderers’ Guild is home to all things embroidery, stitch and textile art. We have a range of member activities, projects and discounts available for members. We look forward to welcoming you.

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