Inspired to Create


Foundations of Hand Stitch & Design

This  course is for beginner designers.

Course Details 

  • Course code – HE1
  • Course length – 50 – 60 hours
  • Course Method – Online, with lessons showing detailed colour rich images which you can return to as many times as you want, whenever you want – all online
  • Course Lesson– To help you get started, the course information, set-up sections and templates of each course are downloadable and can be printed
  • Course Materials – Online programme, checklists, templates to use, videos to watch
  • Embroidery Materials – you purchase your own embroidery materials.
  • Embroidery Equipment– You need to have a sewing machine with basic features
  • Course payable online via secure credit card.
  • Course cost – £495
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  • Want to create your own design

    Are you looking to create your own pieces to reflect your messages, but are not sure where to start?

  • Want to combine design and Embroidery?

    This is what Textile artists do all the time – they have discovered how to use a design process combine it with their skills and embroidery techniques in order to create their own unique work.

  • Discover those critical design elements which bring your ideas to life

    Learn which stitches or techniques can reflect and enhance your creative design

  • Use checklists, templates and reflective questions to stay on track

    These checklists and templates are designed to help you think about your design differently – but easily. In this way we help to ease your design journey as well as boost your confidence.

  • You are not alone - our team of coaches are on hand to help you every step of the way

    You are able to choose which support you would prefer. Our coaching packages are available at any time during your course.

  • You are not alone - our Community Room enables you to connect and talk to other members

    As a course student you are automatically eligible to connect with other students in our Community Room.

  • Explore Colour, Line and Texture for design development

    Experiment with design theory associated with colour, line and texture, by following the practical exercises to kick-start your ideas for embroidery

  • Explore a range of Hand Stitch Techniques to inform your design

    Explore a range of embroidery-based techniques to develop your skills as you work through the Sessions

  • Explore which tools, equipment, and materials bring your design to life

    Just as your design is a unique combination of your views, your senses and your creativity – so it needs to be supported with the most appropriate combinations of tools, equipment, and materials.

  • Create a sample file which you can use to inform your creativity for years to come

  • Produce your first unique piece of Textile Art

    Discover how to share your creative message in your way, using stitches, fabrics and your own abilities.


  • Tips on how to use Prym Vario Pliers

    These pliers have interchangeable heads so that you can use them for a multitude of applications

  • Discover how to customise Sequins

    Sequins come in a range of geometric shapes. This video shows you how to alter their outlines or create your own sequins from blank sequin foil

  • Keys to making successful custom Bias Binding

    This is where the text for your Feature List Item should go. It's best to keep it short and sweet.

  • Dye Fabrics using Ice

    To complement the immersion and space-dyeing exercises, here is another exciting technique to randomly add colour to fabric

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