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Translucent Hand Embroidery

Inspired to Create


Basic Details

  • Course Length – 40 – 50 hours
  • Course Method- download the templates, return to the course as many times as you want, whenever you want – all online;
  • Course Materials – Online programme, checklist, template to use, videos to watch, (1)
  • Embroidery Materials – you purchase your own embroidery materials
  • Course payable online via secure credit card.
  • Course cost – £320 – or £280 for paid up Guild members.
  • Certificate once completed

Move On Now

- Explore , Sample, Develop

This course encourages you to explore further the themes, materials and processes linked with a variety of design and textile techniques in order to gain a better understanding of their varied properties and limitations.

This is a stand-alone course.

It is also a natural progressions from Inspired to Create - Foundations of Stitch & Design (Hand)

  • Ready to create your own inspired design work?

    Extend your design skills through exploration and experimentation to create a personal piece of artwork.

  • Want to try Textile Art and Embroidery?

    Textile art uses embroidery and other media to create …..learn the processes for successful Textile Art ….

  • Discover the design concepts to bring your ideas to life

    The design concepts most textile artists use are well proven …. knowing the process is one thing, putting it into action around your own ideas is something else.

  • Use checklists and templates as you track your progress

    Checklists, templates and prompts for personal reflection form the main structure of the course around the practical exercises.

  • You are not alone - our team of mentors are on hand to help you every step of the way

    Textile art uses embroidery and other media to create …..learn the process for successful Textile Art ….

  • Explore Colour, Line and Texture for your Design Development

    Explore and combine elements of design to create ideas for hand embroidery .

  • Expand your Embroidery Skills to enrich your Textile Responses

    Explore a range of embroidery-based techniques to develop your skills as you work through the practical Sessions.

  • Explore a range of tools, equipment, materials and processes to bring your ideas to life

    Develop knowledge and confidence as you work through the practical exercises, exploring colour mixing, immersion and space dyeing, translucency and opacity, pattern, repetition, rhythm and dimension.

  • Produce your own unique piece of Textile Art

    …and remember it is a reflection of you – but with the optional support and help of mentors and experienced designers when you need it most.



There are 6 short Bonus Reels videos to accompany this course.

  • Tips on how to use the Prym Vario Pliers

These pliers have interchangeable heads so that you can use them for a multitude of applications

  • Discover how to customise Sequins

Sequins come in a range of geometric shapes. This video shows you how to alter their outlines or create your own sequins from blank sequin foil

  • Dye Fabrics using Ice

To complement the immersion and space-dyeing exercises, here is another exciting technique showing you how to randomly add colour to fabric

  • Learn about Silk Waste Products

These videos explain the different uses for waste products from the silk industry

  • Create Areas of Void

Use embroidery and fabric-colouring techniques to create areas void of colour

  • Make Silk Rod Flowers

Make these small flower motifs, formed from silk rods


  • 1 Years free Membership to the Embroiderers' Guild for Non-members only