Inspired to Create

Ever looked at a beautiful piece of work and said to yourself? I wish I could do that!
Well now you can...
Whether you are just starting out, or looking to extend your skills and practise, watch the video below or click the buttons to find which programme suits you better.


Introduction to Hand Stitch & Design (HET)

Are you starting out as an embroiderer and wanting to create your own designs?

Discover the basic design elements and principles that will help you confidently develop the ideas you might have in mind.

Explore a range of stitches, techniques and processes to guide you along the way

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Foundations of Hand Stitch & Design (HE1)

Do you have some basic embroidery knowledge and wish to be more creative but are unsure where or how to start.

Or perhaps you want to take your current level of experience and technical knowledge to the next level.

You may seek  more adventure by incorporating a variety of textile-related techniques, but just want some input and know-how

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Exploring Opportunities in Hand Stitch & Design (HE2)

Do you have a basic knowledge of embroidery and perhaps dabbled with a bit of designing?

Do you  feel you might be lacking confidence to design on your own?

If so, this might be the course for you to extend your interpretation skills and understanding...  and naturally your confidence grows with you.

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Extending Creative Horizons in Hand Stitch & Design (HE3)

Of course, you may be confident stitcher, but want to create more complex textile pieces which better reflect your views and aspirations.

Maybe you feel a little self-conscious or you know you want to broaden and refine your knowledge and practise.

If so, this is then the course for you.

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Choose your level of support

We know different people need differing levels of support - often at different times when they are learning new skills and techniques.

This is why we offer you different forms of support.

Self Study 

  • Self Study is the foundation of all courses.
  • Study on your own time
  • Study at your own pace
  • The manuals are clearly laid out, easy to read and full of pictures detailing each step you need to take in each session.
  • The videos and bonus reels add value to your knowledge by sharing the tips and shortcuts designers use to create unique fabrics and designs.
  • The Templates found in the Template manual are easy to use, clear to follow and give you solid guidelines on how to work with the elements of design.
  • There are tracking sheets to help you stay on process and checklists to help you stay on track.
  • Join your fellow course students in the community Room. It is here that you can share your questions, your challenges, your successes and talk about all things design and embroidery.

Join our Stitch & Design Community 

Not everyone is comfortable with working through courses on their own.  This is why we have a Community Room where students and members can talk about design, about stitches and about techniques amongst themselves.

Needing more support,  or do you have a different <br> personal outcome in mind?

Coaching Support  

  • Coaching is in addition to self study. All the courses can be completed successfully by studying and working through the sessions on your own.
  • You may wish to connect with one of the Guild’s experienced stitch and design Coaches.
  • Your Coach is available online via email and comments session from within the community room online.
  • You may buy coaching at any time in your course – at the beginning, should you have a problem, half way through or even as you start to work on your final design.
  • You may buy coaching in 2 hour packages – ie 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours. Our most popular package is 4 hours.
  • You will be able to share your ideas, your design structure, your plans, and photos of your stitches with your coach – in fact share what you need, to get the support you require.
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Certification, Assessment

  • We have students complete our courses for many reasons
  • Some students want to have a certificate at the the end of their course. You may have a Certificate of Completion when you have completed your course.
  • Some students want to have their work assessed by a textile designer which means you have reached the standards required for the course. A Certificate of Assessment is then presented.
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  1. I don’t know whether it’s me or this web site, but I find it very hard to navigate.
    I think the content is great and I am working my way through with considerable difficulty because I cannot print off the information on the design section and while I am working on the alphabet practices and experimenting the website flips to the intro page so I loose the the reference sheets.
    I did have quite a time printing off the printable pages too! I had to get my nephew to come and sort it out and he had to alter my print settings which I don’t know how to do. He also had trouble navigating the web site. I have a Mac so this might be part of the problems, but I would be grateful to have a hard copy of the notes please.

  2. Jane, I absolutely agree with what you have said about navigating this site. I am often extremely frustrated that, not only are we not able to print out the modules for ease of use but also I am logged out every 15 minutes and it takes quite a few clicks to get back to where I was!

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