Ensure embroidery tools like needle, thread and hoops are helping you create your textile design

Embroidery Advice for Newbies

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by Melissa Bango, a content specialist at Ricoma Embroidery Machines.

This article has such sound advice, I had to reference it here for our members. I have been stitching for years and even I learnt a thing or three about why my thread or needle keeps breaking!

This article was published in Impressionist Magazine in September and covers the top 5 areas where we are likely to become stuck or broken in our efforts to design something unique and personal.

I found the information covering these core areas really eye opening. Read the article here and see the advice Melissa Bango gives on:

  • Needles
  • Thread and
  • Hooping

Which advice gave you the most insight … and where have you experienced some of these problems in your own stitching or embroidery.

Let us know.


  1. I couldnt find anything in the link you give which relates to needles, thread and hooping. Could I have a bit of help please.

    Many thanks,

    Jane Kelly

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