HE2- Exploring Opportunities Course

Welcome and Congratulations.

We hope you have great enjoyment whilst being challenged during this programme.

Do remember you can reach out to other students who are completing this course. You will find some of them in the side panels or if you go to our Community chat Room where you will see different groups which you can join. Look out for the emails we are sending you to explain how this works.

Of course you can also connect with one of our creative designers through the coaching packages we have available.


These course materials are particularly image intensive. The on-screen presentation provides the best quality experience and, of course, images can be magnified to see them in considerable detail.

Experiences from our past students indicated a wide range of print quality being achieved via participants’ printers. In a significant number of instances this resulted in an unsatisfactory learning experience.

However, to help you, you can download and print the information, set-up and templates sections of the course.

The links to the left are the different sessions which make up the Exploring Opportunities  in Hand Stitch & Design course.

We recommend you start at the top and work your way down through the sessions.