I am a Textile Artist

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Alison Holt shares her views further on www.alisonholt.com

Alison Holt is a UK contemporary textile artist specialising in freehand machine embroidery.

Embroidery is art…of course it is.


Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. I am an artist, a textile artist. That describes who I am and what I do: an artist who chooses to work with threads, fabric and dye.


Freehand machine embroidery gives me everything that paint and canvas does with the glorious addition of texture. I draw with stitches using them like brushstrokes applying colour and texture at the same time. I work on a base of hand painted silk which gives depth and definition to my work. I use thread because it gives me a vibrancy, clarity and fineness of line that cannot be achieved in paint on this scale.

I cannot imagine working so enthusiastically in any other medium. My work is all about colour and texture in the natural world and embroidery is the perfect way to express myself.

Alison Holt using freehand machine embroidery on hand painted silk

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