Elle Foreman, hand tufting

Incomplete, Damaged AND Sustainable

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I am an independent textile designer and maker.  I recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University and was an Embroiderers’ Graduate in 2019/20.

I am lucky enough to have a little studio at home where I design sustainably, using up-cycled materials.

I create a range of paintings and embroidered home ware products to sell at different markets around the UK and online.

My ultimate dream is to have my own shop selling my unique products and artwork and that of other designers.

There is something remarkable about the incomplete and damaged. I explore the beauty of uneven surfaces, natural and man-made using found fabrics, to create my interiors collection.

Showing that what is often defined as waste can be transformed through the process of up-cycling, I have created unique and personal designs for the home.

My designs are fuelled by large scale, fast paced, expressive lines and bold mark-making, working with smudging, cracking, soft and hard.

I use a combination of chain stitch, hand-embroidery and a braiding foot to create detail and bolder techniques such as tufting, moss stitch, hand-printing and applique.

I also use contrasting, playful, vibrant colours alongside muted, earthy neutrals to create my unique designs.

What broken and incomplete items have you up cycled in your work? Or perhaps you would like to share and hear about ideas to spark this line of thinking?

Elle Foreman, Textile Designer and Maker

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