Considering an Introduction to Stitch & Design?

Ever looked at a beautiful piece of work and said to yourself? I wish I could do that!
Well now you can...
The video below shares how to design and create your unique piece.


Introduction to Hand Stitch & Design

Are you starting out as an embroiderer and wanting to create your own designs?

Discover the basic design principles which help you to confidently create your creative image in your minds eye.

Learn which stitches and techniques will ...

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Image Insects with range of colours

Introduction to Machine
Stitch & Design

Are you wanting to create large pieces which include machine embroidery and do not know where to start?
Or are you experienced and wanting to take your own techniques to the next level?

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Support for you

Self Study 

  • Self Study is the foundation of each of the courses.
  • Study on your own time
  • Study at your own pace
  • The manuals are clearly laid out, easy to read and full of pictures detailing each step you need to take in each session.
  • The Templates found in the Template manual are easy to use, clear to follow and give you solid guidelines on how to work with the elements of design.
  • Join your fellow course students in the community Room. It is here that you can share your questions, your challenges, your successes and talk about all things design and embroidery.

Join our Stitch & Design Community 

Not everyone is comfortable with working through courses on their own.  This is why we have a Community Room where students and members can talk about design, about stitches and about techniques amongst themselves.

Got a question you need answered?