Marine Magic from odds and sods

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I am an artist who specialises in mixed media, textile-based pieces with a love of strong, vibrant colour.  

I take my inspiration from a variety of sources and am particularly interested in the way in which ancient societies created a series of visual symbols to represent the things which were important to them.

I have exhibited widely in group and solo shows both in the UK and abroad and have had articles published in magazines and on the internet.

I also feature in Kim Thittichai’s book, ‘Experimental Textiles’.  

My piece titled Marine Magic won the ‘Jane Lemon award for Drama and Creativity’ in the Members’ Challenge competition ‘Life’s Rich Pattern’ in 2019.

The piece is inspired by forms, textures and patterns found underwater.  Using a copper hoop as a base which has been wrapped with embroidery thread.  The creatures have been created with hand embroidery and I have used wrapped pipe cleaners, shibori and painted funky foam to form seaweed and corals. 

What have you made with odds and sods around your craft table? I do look forward to seeing your ideas.

by Nikki Parmenter, Textile Artist

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