‘Inspired to Create’
A suite of stitch & design courses

Questions and Answers

Fabulous Flora and Fauna by Nikki Parmenter Winner of Jane Lemon Award 2019/2020

Hiding in Plain Sight by Rosemary Yates.
Winner: Julia Caprara Award for Best use of Colour. Member Challenge 2018/2019

Show your Working by Paula Perrins, Winner:  Artistic Director Award Member Challenge 2019/2020

Before we take through the courses in detail you might like to be reassured on the following points…

Q:. Were each of the Hand and Machine courses created separately and are there any similarities?

A:  All Hand and Machine courses are equally important and the content reflects this throughout.  The core ‘Design Development’ sessions of both disciplines were created first and are similar.

However the corresponding textile-based responses, which are completely different, were developed independently of each other.

Learned so much…

"I have really enjoyed every aspect of the course. It suits my way of learning. The course notes are very clear, concise and organised so well. The checklist for work completed is a great help to show what you have done and what comes next. The instructions for the stitches are easy to follow and each session is a complete package in itself."
Elizabeth P, UK. 2018

"Before I would rush in without thinking too deeply, now I consider what I want to achieve. It is much easier and more fun."
Nicola D, UK 2020

Exploring Opportunities was just as good - and as much fun - as my last course. Loved it."
Jenny S, UK 2019

"I love working with materials which others would call  'rubbish' - I  learned how to use these materials in many different ways in my designs."
Elle Foreman, UK 2020

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