Jessica Grady, Mixed media and vibrant colours

Recycled Materials and Mixed Media

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I am an embroidery artist, originally from the North Yorkshire coast and I work from my home studio in Leeds.  In 2018 I was awarded the Under 30’s Scholar by the Embroiderers’ Guild and in 2019 I was made a permanent member of Art Textiles Made in Britain.

All of my textiles showcase meticulous hand-stitching and intricate detailing. Every single stitch provides an added element of texture and colour to the work as a whole. Colour is an important aspect within my work – I use many strong and highly contrasting colours, creating a very vivid and saturated colour palette.

 I’m also passionate about utilising mixed media and recycled materials such as painted metal washers, hand-dyed plastic cotton buds, dyed sponges and stripped electric cables within my hand embroidery work.

These materials are transformed and manipulated to create intricate embellishments. This juxtaposition of unusual media with traditional techniques invites the viewer to look closer – creating curiosity.

I started creating my own sequins and beads during my textiles degree.

I found that by manipulating old packaging and using different materials such as metals and foams, I could create embellishments that were highly tactile and creative.

This streak of experimentation has continued to influence and enhance my work ever since and I don’t think I will ever run out of new ideas for unusual materials that I can stitch onto my fabrics.

Do share your ideas about using unusual materials in your work – and how you stitched them onto your fabric. I am looking forward to seeing them

Jessica Grady,

Textile artist

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