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Sarah Joy Stories

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My ideas come fast and furious.

I work on several pieces at one time following a variety of themes.

Drawing is fundamental to my design process, solving many issues of scale, colour, pattern, shape and line in a relatively short period of time.

My work is stitched either by hand or machine and sometimes both. The direction of the stitches creates surface texture and patterns that relate to mark-making in drawing. 

Many pieces use layers of translucent fabrics to achieve tone and depth. Vintage hand-stitched tray-cloths are often used as a base fabric and the motifs hidden, revealed and reworked.

Some pieces hint at humour: the manner in which one bird is looking at another.

I entered a piece for the Embroiderers’ Guild Open Exhibition, ‘Page 17’, based on a significant book. 

I chose a Ladybird book, ‘Pond and River Birds’ because I had been developing a series of bird-based pieces so the mallards on the front cover were an exciting inspiration. 

This resulted in more book covers leading to my ‘Sara-Joy Stories’, an imaginative series based on the Forest of Dean.

The gradual transition from a popular and reminiscent book to my own version of a book cover made in embroidery was intended to reflect imaginary happenings in my local landscape.

Come with me on the journey, whilst sharing your imaginary journey on route!

Sara Joy Rickard, Textile Artist

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