Stitching with Jute and Silk

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I love how my Introduction to Hand Stitch & Design made me really think about the “why” of design. Before I would just rush headlong into things but now I actually stop to consider what it is I am trying to do, how to go about this. What colours and where? Why there and not there? And so on.

It has also introduced me to stitches I was not previously familiar with. The instructions, both visual and text, are clear and concise. 

The stitch sections have also encouraged me to play around more with more simple stitches such as stem and back stitch, experimenting with scale and materials (I loved making a large version of a stem stitch curve that became more spike like due to the scale). Likewise, stitching with other materials like jute twine, mixing and matching delicate silk threads with much rougher twines.

Overall the Introduction to Hand Stitch & Design has made me much more willing to stretch out and make my own designs. I now keep a sketchbook with me for jotting down ideas before I forget.

Overall though the course is fantastic and even better than I dreamed of.


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      Hi Moira. I too love the bright colours of Nicola’s stitches and how they help to make the simple line something good to look at. I am looking forward to hearing about your journey with line designs

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      Hello Doreen, I agree with your comment. What I like about Nicola’s stitches is how she put different stitches together on her single line sample so using it to make stitch decisions in the future will be easier. I am looking forward to seeing how your stitches bring your line designs to life.

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