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Love how “Exploring Opportunities”
made me think

Nicola D from Dundee

"I love how the Exploring Opportunities in Hand Stitch & Design made me really think about the "why" of design. Before I would just rush headlong into things.

Now I actually stop to consider what it is I am trying to do, how to go about this. What colours and where? Why there and not here? And so on.

It has also introduced me to stitches I ...

Nicola D, Dundee 2020
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Certainly Suits Me

"I have really enjoyed every aspect of my course. It suits my way of learning. The course notes are very clear and concise and organised so well. The checklist for work completed is a great help to show what you have done and what comes next. The instructions for the stitches are easy to follow and each session is a complete package in itself."

Interpreting Images

We chat to Georgia Katsarou about her experience on our Foundations in Hand Stitch & Design Course - all the way from Greece!

Georgia says,"I am still in search of my individual stitching style,  but I like to combine straight stitch and goldwork."

Free to Explore

American textile artist, Fran Bell, told us of her experiences of the Foundations in Machine Stitch & Design Course

My stitching style usually incorporates many layers of fabric that are quite densely stitched. I enjoy...

Fran Bell, USA
Aurifil 12 WT
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Seeing through Colour


Jenny Shannon tells  us about her experience on the Embroiderers’ Guild Distance Learning course - Exploring Opportunities in Stitch & Design.

This course was every bit as good as the first!

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Marine Magic

"I am an artist who specializes in mixed media, textile-based pieces with a love of strong, vibrant colour. " says Nikki Parmenter who won  the Jane Lemon Award for Drama and Creativity in 2019

Read how Nikki Parmenter created her magic

Beauty lies in the Damaged

"There is something remarkable about the incomplete and damaged. I explore the beauty of uneven surfaces, natural and man-made,using found fabrics to create my interiors collection. " Elle Foreman is the Guild's Graduate in 2019/2020

Elle Foreman shares how she uses damaged goods as media

Cherry Blossom

"I looked to colourful Japanese culture for inspiration, as well as Monet and van Gogh. Janet Payne is a Guild member and won the Constance Howard Award for the most outstanding piece in 2019.
Learn how Janet Payne created her 3-D elements

Fantasy calls

"Vintage hand-stitched tray-cloths are often used as a base fabric..." says Sara Joy Rickard of her 'Page 17' entered into the guild Member Challenge in 2018
Sarah Joy Richard shares how she uses material to create tone and depth

Kiltmanship is Alive

"A piece from my Am ri Teachd collection won first place in the Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery in 2018."
Read how Emma Wilkinson pairs traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design

Colour Alert

Jessica says " Colour is an important aspect within my work – I use many strong and highly contrasting colours, creating a very vivid and saturated colour palette."Jessica was awarded the under 30's Scholar by the Guild.
Learn how Jessica Grady uses colour in her designs

In Summary

What worked for our students...

  • Gaining new skills coupled with elements of design
  • Becoming more comfortable with my machine
  • Interpreting images, transforming them into embroidery
  • Trying out new ideas by stitching on different materials
  • Fighting that instinct to leave everything… ‘just so’

How we helped them learn...

  • Having a structured learning environment
  • Having feedback from their coach
  • Being encouraged to experiment, not just following instructions
  • Unlocking their imagination
  • Being part of a learning community