Stitch & Textiles – an Art Form unlike any other

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I think the Merriam Webster definition of “ArtForm” says it all. Artform is defined as ‘”an unconventional form or medium in which impulses regarded as artistic may be expressed “.

Like traditional artists, as embroiderers, we use colour and form as a base. However an entirely new layer of design comes into play when stitches are added. As the thread travels across the surface, stitches create paths which can direct the viewer’s eye, create a focal point, draw or deflect attention from a particular element and create a texture that is at once visual and physical.

In 2012, a judge on a BBC2 programme Show Me the Monet ruled out an embroidered landscape scene because she felt embroidery cannot compare to the artistry achievable with a paintbrush.

I am struggling to find a purpose for doing this in embroidery over paint or another medium”

All the judges seemed to consider the piece good and the artist’s skill was commented on more than once, but as the presenter noted, the work seemed to take the judges out of their comfort zone.

As one Guild member commented:”And isn’t that what art is supposed to be about?”

What do you think?

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