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We chat to Georgia Katsarou about her experience on the first Distance Learning Hand Embroidery Course (Foundations in Hand Stitch & Design)

Georgia Katsarou, Greece
Georgia loved her course while studying in Greece.

Can you tell us about your individual stitching style?

I am still in search of my individual stitching style.  For the time being, I love to stitch whatever inspires me, either from the books I read or from nature.  I use mainly straight stitch, but I like to combine it with goldwork.  One of my favourite themes is initial letters from the typography of the 16th and 17th centuries.

What made you decide to try the Foundations in Hand Stitch & Design course?

I couldn’t find any interesting courses in Athens, Greece and due to family and work obligations I couldn’t travel abroad to attend a course in person.  At the same time, I wanted to learn more things on embroidery and discover new techniques that are not used in Greece.  I also wanted to be part of an embroidery community, especially the British that I admire so much!

What have you learned so far?

Apart from new stitches and techniques, I learned most importantly how to unlock my imagination.  That was above my expectations because I thought I was going to work on specific patterns under detailed instructions.  Well, no!  I loved that I learned how to interpret an image and transform it into embroidery and that I could stitch whatever I wanted.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting the course?

They should hurry and sign up!  It is a well-structured course run by very supportive coaches.  I would advise them though to take it seriously, as if it is for a higher education diploma.  They should take their time, study each section carefully, go out, listen to music and read books for inspiration, visit museums to see how these stitches have been used in the past and then go home to do their work. 

The fun of it is that they don’t have to worry about exams, deadlines and essays.  Oh, and when they finish it they must frame their certificate!


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      Hi Mary, Her work is just gorgeous I agree. in particular I loved the simplicity of her first design attempt made really eye catching with stitches and colours. We all look forward to seeing your pieces.

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