Inspired to Create

A suite of stitch & design courses created by the Embroiderer's Guild. 

The Embroiderers' Guild is an educational charity with over 100 years of knowledge, skills, and expertise. We have partnered with Aurifil, the Italian cotton thread makers, to create and provide a suite of stitch and design courses intended to educate, inspire, and stretch the limits of creativity.


Hiding in Plain Sight 
by Rosemary Yates.
Winner: Julia Caprara Award for Best use of Colour.
Member Challenge 2018/2019

Show your Working 
by Paula Perrins, 
: Artistic Director Award.

Member Challenge 2019/2020

Learn to create your own unique works of art. 

We are excited to share our collective knowledge and to work in collaboration with you to see just what might be possible with needle and thread.

  • Are you looking to be Inspired to Create different and challenging pieces using threads and textiles? 
  • Are you maybe a bit uncomfortable - or even unsure  as to whether you have sufficient knowledge to go it alone?
  • Are you interested in making your own unique craft items using any variety of textiles?
  • In particular are you looking to be inspired by your own design work and want to extend your Stitch & Design abilities?

You are in the right place!


Our Courses Were Developed to Enhance the Designer Within You

Courses Designed with YOU in mind.

  • Develop your individuality using design development and textile responses
  • Improve your textile-related skills
  • Enable your creative independence through exploration
  • Generate your unique design ideas and interpret these into textile responses
  • Analyse your ideas and techniques to improve your self confidence as a textile artist- whatever your aspiration.

As a result you will…

  • Not be under pressure just to meet the criteria of the curriculum
  • Be in a position to recognise your development through reviewing and comparing work
  • Work at your own pace, within a comfortable environment
  • Be able to cherry-pick and not have to follow a strict, prescriptive timetable
  • Be free to spend more time on those stitches and techniques which particularly appeal to you

If you are an independent learner these courses are designed for you… structured courses completed in a relaxed environment!

Inspired to Create courses encourage you to explore the principles of...

Design Develop-ment

Explore how Colour, Line, Texture, Shape and Form can create simple design ideas for embroidery and textile art.

Stitches & Techniques

Explore embroidery stitches and different techniques through sampling & experimentation.

Tools, Equipment & Materials

Discover how to use different tools, equipment and materials to effectively produce different effects.

Reflecting & Thinking

Consider how you think about design, samples, stitches, creativity and the shear joy of learning how to design.

 Inspired to Create: 

These courses focus on Stitch and Design elements successful designers use to create unique textile pieces.

You may choose to start with any one of the different courses below.


Success Stories

I have really enjoyed every aspect of the course. It suits my way of learning. The course notes are very clear, concise, and organised so well. The checklist for work completed is a great help to show what you have done and what comes next. The instructions for the stitches are easy to follow and each session is a complete package in itself. 
-- Susan P, UK.

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