Want to get creative with your sewing machine?

Treat yourself & learn more skills for your hobby...

Free machine embroidery can be used to create some fabulous, creative textile art. And a basic sewing machine is all you really need. But it can look very intimidating when you are a beginner.

You'd LOVE to be able to 'do your own thing'.
DESIGN YOUR OWN embroidery & textile art projects.
Use free machine embroidery techniques to bring them alive.
But you lack confidence and aren't sure where to start.

YOU ARE READY for your next step in your creative journey!
You are ready to treat yourself and want to learn new ways to enjoy your hobby.

Come and enjoy our easy to use online course where you can learn at your own speed, when you want. No travel. No hassle. No 'falling behind'.

Exploring Opportunities In Stitch & Design

With Machine Embroidery

Step-by-step learn effective techniques

& grow your creative confidence

Suitable for the keen stitcher, this online course it's all about EXPLORING OPPORTUNITIES for your creativity to grow.

You are fairly competent in basic free machine embroidery techniques, BUT you are keen to continue learning design techniques AND widen your technique 'repertoire'. You are looking forward to developing creative ways to express your designs in free machine embroidery.

You will develop a range of samples leading to a final design, and complete it using your improved free machine embroidery skills and textile art techniques..

Each small step and practical exercise will build together as you create your design and learn more free machine embroidery techniques. Learn how to use simple materials and a variety of stitches and ideas to bring your unique designs to life!

You are a keen stitcher.

You are here to play, experiment and have fun!

You totally deserve this special creative YOU time.

And you can get started today.

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This Course Is For You

Here's What's Included...

What You Will Learn

We have designed this course so you gain confidence and develop skills, and achieve a basic standard of craftmanship & independence. Feel confident about 'doing your own thing'!

This is a stand-alone course, BUT it is also a natural PROGRESSION from the 1st full-length course, Inspired To Create Foundations in Stitch & Design in Machine Embroidery.

You will spend at least 50 to 60 hours on practical course work activities. The more you experiment and practice, the more skills you will learn and master.


  1. design development using Line, Colour, Texture, Shape & Form.
  2. materials & techniques to create loads of samples.
  3. tools, equipment, materials & processes.


This Is How It Works:

Create a selection of design ideas and EXPLORE Colour, Line, Texture, Shape & Form. Develop your final design idea.

Create a collection of stitched samples using a variety of machine embroidery styles and stitches, and textile art techniques. You will be thrilled with the samples you create.

Be excited to stitch your developed design idea using your favourite techniques from your samples.

Course Price Details

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Unlock Your Imagination!
Clear, concise & organised so well!

This Is What You Will Learn!

  Welcome - Start Here!
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  About Your Course
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  About The Practical Sessions
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  Exploring Shape & Line : Sessions 1 & 2
Available in days
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  Exploring Shape & Colour : Sessions 3 & 4
Available in days
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  Exploring Shape & Form
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  Course WrapUp
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  Next Steps
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Frequently Asked Questions

I've done a little free machine embroidery, is this course still suitable for me?

This course is a great starting point for learning many techniques of free machine embroidery and textile art. But not only that, developing design skills is also a key element.

I'm a complete free machine embroidery NOVICE, is this course suitable for me?

As a complete novice, whilst you could start from here, you would probably feel more confident starting with the TASTER course.

The taster course gives you the opportunity to 'dip your toe in the water'. It takes around 15 hours practical time so it will feel more 'do-able' for you.

Do I have to complete the TASTER course before I can buy this course?

Not at all, although most people prefer to 'dip their toe in the water' and work through the taster course first.

The Taster takes around 15 hours practical time. This 'Exploring' course is around 50 to 60 hours of your practical time. You may find the previous courses more 'do-able' rather than diving into this much longer, more detailed course.

Do I have to complete the FOUNDATIONS course before I can buy this course?

No, this is a stand alone course, BUT you will probably feel more comfortable building your skills by starting with the Foundations course.

This course is a natural progression from the Foundations course.

Do I need a fancy expensive sewing machine to take part in this course?


A sewing machine that is capable of doing basic zig zag and where you can alter stitch length and width, and lower the 'feed dogs' is all you need.

Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, nothing new.

When does the course start & finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

You can come back and work through the exercises as many times as you want and you will continue to learn from creating more samples and playing with techniques and design ideas.

How much time will I need to spend on doing this course?

This is a practical course so please expect to take at least 50 to 60 hours working through the course lessons and doing the practical exercises. Take as long as you like. The more you practise and experiment, the more skills and confidence you will develop.

What if I 'fall behind' - is that a problem?

'Falling behind' doesn't happen in this course because you work through it at your own pace.

However, there are live Zoom social 'show and tell' sessions to provide additional support and encouragement so attending these will help you keep your momentum going so you keep going and TAKE ACTION to apply your learning.

What if I can't attend the live Zoom sessions?

Life happens. We are in different time zones. So please don't worry. These sessions are a bonus addition for course students. They are social sessions where you can chat through your progress or even 'sticking points' with other like-minded souls.

You are welcome to submit your specific course-topic related questions within the course, and our expert tutor will pop in and answer those for you.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? Well to be more specific, you have access to the course for as long as it exists online. You also get all updates too. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course across any and all devices you own.

If we decide to retire this course in the future, you will be given plenty of advance notification and be advised of what your options are. OK?